Gaining Scale 13th Session Public Lecture Held At Tomosi Business Park

"Just completed our 13th session of the 'Gaining Scale Business teaching series'. It's been a marathon journey since February 2017 when we begun this process.

We have reached no less than 2700 young men and women and supported them with what we think is 'impactful teaching' not just on how to start and run a business, but every bit on how to negotiate the long stretch of life, survival and flourishing in business in this fiercely competitive world.

Today's session covered the 'art and principles of negotiation'. We covered the fundamental elements on how prepare for a business negotiation and how to expand the pie of opportunity instead of only competing.

I thank the Tomosi group, the various units - Agriculture, Media, Security- and our support staff who not only sponsor these sessions but also 'hold and lift my hands as I teach'.

God bless you all

The next session is on March 24 and the Topic is "Execution"
Odrek Rwabwogo