Public Relations

Terp Media started out exclusively as a Public Relations firm in 1998. It was the first of its kind in Uganda. Since then, we have helped many companies with their publicity endeavours. Our passion for communication is reflected in everything we do.


At Terp Media, we believe it is not enough for a company to exist. Its name, tagline, logo, look and feel must be recognisable and loved by those who associate with it. This is a process built over time. We are keen on raising and nurturing brands and every time we brand a company, we learn something new. Over time, we have gathered a wealth of experience to help brands garner the much needed brand visibility and loyalty.


Terp Media branched into advertising to provide clients with an all round communication strategy that doesn’t only include Public Relations, but also creative advertising. We believe that running an effective campaign requires both creative artwork and publicity. Our role as advertisers is to help clients in ideation and execution of successful communication campaigns.

Events Activation

The events management unit at Terp Media is an added service to our clients. It is not easy organising a successful event but with the right team, it is possible. The events we have handled are a testament to that. Under this service, we also have tents that we hire out to those who need them.

Media Buying

To guarantee return on investment, we help clients strategically place their adverts where they will get most visibility and reach. We carefully observe the market, study behavioural changes of consumers and analyse statistics before recommending appropriate media placement for our clients. We are not psychics per se but rather a focussed bunch of people who have carefully mapped out our future. As we continue to grow, our interests also increase. The race is on