TERP Media Signs One Year Contract With Tanzania Ports Authority

Mr. Odrek Rwabwogo at the signing ceremony for the Terp Media one year contract with Tanzania Ports Authority this morning at the TPA headquarters in Dar es Salaam.
The occasion was attended by Engineer Deusdedit Kakoko, the Executive Director of TPA, Mr Anthony Swai, one of the leading clearing and forwarding agents on the southern route, who acted as a witness and the TPA head of legal services extreme.

The key requirement for this contract is to lift the port of Dar from the current 3% cargo share to UGANDA to a minimum of 30% or about 700,000MTS. UGANDA cargo averaged last year 6.5million tonnes in 2016 and 97% was shipped through Mombasa. This is a key challenge to the team to work together and harder and smarter to exploit this opportunity.

Our style of presentation this morning carried the day for they have had no marketing agent prepare both the packaging and content the way we did and we were taken into the TPA board meeting to be introduced. There are high expectations from us to deliver and we shall need the very best support on this.
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