Last Gaining Scale Session To Be Held At Tomosi Business Park

A Special invitation for the last session
We have been holding Entrepreneurship teaching sessions since February 2017 every end of month at Portbell Tomosi Business Park.
On Saturday March 24, We will take on the topic of "What hinders effective execution in an enterprise" as our number 14 session.
The topic will cover:
1. Elements of the Decision making process in an enterprise
2. Team building as a tool to Effective decision making
3. Performance yardsticks that aid great execution
4. The elements of business pitch as an example of good execution
Having covered, over the year, the key elements of building and sustaining a business including dealing with the core component of HR, the final lap is now to understand why when all is done, some businesses still execute so poorly and get low returns on their investment.
Please DON'T MISS!
This is our last session to allow us reflect on the year we have covered and plans for celebrations of our 20th anniversary, before we resume, mid this year.
Please come in large numbers to commemorate the journey so far we have travelled together over the last 13months.
Please call Winnie on 0750788820 to book your seat or send us mail on or confirm on our twitter and Facebook handles at @tomosigroup, @odrek_rwabwogo,
Odrek Rwabwogo